Purpose of this qualification:

This qualification will contribute to the setting of standards in the resolving of crime sectors and will enhance the ability of professionals within the sector. This qualification will equip the learners with the abilities and competencies needed within the sector. This qualification will provide learners with elective areas in which learners will be able to specialise such as commercial investigations, private investigations, organized crime investigations and violent crime investigations.

Resolving of crime can be undertaken by the South African Police Services through one of their many units or by corporate and/or organisations prior to the involvement of the South African Police Services. This qualification will enable these learners to have common competencies which will make them mobile across the employment sector in this regard while still addressing the needs of various sectors through the elective component of the qualification.

Learners will be able to use investigative principles and techniques, interview persons, gather and collate information, understand and apply evidence handling and collection techniques, present evidence and demonstrate recovery techniques. The learner obtaining this qualification will be able to enhance service delivery to the internal and external clients that will endeavour to enhance satisfaction and trust. Qualified learners will be able to exercise their investigative responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution of SA as well as relevant legislation.

These learners will be able to:

  • Apply legal prescripts to an investigation.
  • Interpret and present information in order to solve a crime or incident.
  • Apply investigative methods and techniques within a structured scenario.


South African citizen`s rights are entrenched within the Constitution of South Africa. These rights are regarded as of paramount importance to ensure a democratic society. Once these rights are infringed upon, it becomes the responsibility of a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that the rights are restored and corrective actions taken, hence the fact that resolving, prevention and reduction of crime is a national priority on many levels. This qualification will address the need to ensure that a professional cadre of persons is available to perform effective resolving of crime responsibilities.

The successful investigation of crime supports the concept of resolving of crime that will contribute to the trust of the community in the stakeholders within the criminal justice process.

This qualification reflects the workplace-based needs of the investigation environment to perform the relevant roles in resolving of crime. Resolving of crime will contribute to upholding of the Constitution of South Africa that guarantees human rights, such as protection of life and protection of property to create a safe and secure environment. Resolving of crime can be applied in various contexts, such as economic as well as safety in society environment. Criminal tendencies are determined by the desire of the individual, the opportunity that exists to commit crime and the market that it creates the need for the crime.

This qualification will further ensure better service delivery to the community thereby providing a safe and secure community environment, which will enhance economic growth. Effective resolving of crime concepts will win trust from international partners in terms of investments on various levels.

HJN training presents this certificate full time, part time and by distance learning. The learner will receive study material which is easy to read, easy to interpret and accompanied by self-assessment questions to test your knowledge before presenting your assignments. A textbook accompanies your study material.

Assessment will take place in the form of assignments and written exams twice a year. This qualification also involves practical training which includes street survival, defensive techniques as well as the use of fire arms.

Qualification Guide - National Certificate Resolving Crime