Purpose of this qualification:

This qualification will equip the learner with tools and techniques to understand the concept of Tactical Road Traffic Operations within the context of the road traffic safety management environment. It will assist learners to implement performance improvements at a team, project or small organization level. It will also enable learners to understand how different functional perspectives work together to approach the real and complex problems of Tactical Road Traffic Operations and will give learners an opportunity to apply a range of management concepts to resolve management problems in their own organisation.

These learners will be able to:

  • Analyse the application of the general management functions in a selected traffic organisation.
  • Induct new members into a team and coach existing members.
  • Monitor and evaluate team members against performance and deal with sub-standard performance in a team.
  • Build teams to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Conduct a range of audits.
  • Apply the principles of situational leadership in the traffic environment and analyse leadership related theories in the work context.
  • Manage a diverse workforce and apply the principles of ethics to improve organizational culture.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate operational plans.
  • Use communication techniques effectively.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety requirements within the ambit of a traffic law enforcement officer.
  • Apply time management effectively.
  • Create maintain and keep records.


South African leadership and in particular road traffic safety management is entering a future which is characterized by radical change. It is fast moving, integrated and extremely complex. It is complicated by immense volatility, sensitivity and international turmoil.

In order to understand the above it is necessary to have a new and innovative approach to be competitive in an increasing dynamic environment. The increased knowledge and skills required by supervisors and managers in the traffic environment and operational activities which consume supervisors' and managers' attention requires well developed plans to monitor and evaluate the performance of the organisation and the organisation's processes.

Road traffic law enforcement constitutes one aspect in a series of essential services currently being rendered on rural and urban roads.

National Certificate - Traffic Management